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Take a BET on God (1)

Greetings Beloved of God. It’s great to be back again writing the devotionals after a period of rest. Do you know that these weekly devotionals I started writing June 2015 have been transformed into a book and a radio program? Oh yes! The Radio program “Waters for The Thirsty Soul Radio Devotional” has been on air for five seasons across Nigeria and the book “Waters For The Thirsty Soul: 52 Refreshing Truths To Deepen Your Relationship with God” is available in bookstores. It is the tenth (10th) month of the year 2019 and I know many of us would be wondering where 2019 went. Many […]

Change Your Approach!

Greetings in the name of Our Lord and Savior – Jesus Christ! Hope you had a blessed week? Expect to see a new move of God in your life as you change your approach towards accessing God’s plan concerning your life.

Give Thanks

Greetings to all in the name of Jesus Our Lord and Saviour. I am calling everyone this month to be thankful. Lets do something interesting- I call it the #21DayPraise Challenge.

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