His Power At Work In Us

Alleluia for Our Lord God Omnipotent reigns! What a delight to know God in these times. He is always ensuring that we remain victorious in every situation. Trusting God and an understanding of the Power at work in us remain key to living a victorious life in Jesus Christ.

The Holy Spirit-Our Helper

We often find ourselves in difficult situations,faced with challenges sometimes nearly impossible to cope with. These challenges could be physical, emotional, spiritual, mentally and the list goes on. Helpless you often wonder if it’s all worth it! Life can be just unfair! However , today be joyful! We have help! Yes – the Holy Spirit. Alleluia!

Our Weapons of Warfare – Love

Hope you are getting your worship on; key to this is having a thankful heart, listening to worship music so you learn new songs, read up on worship in the bible especially on David, the psalms are a good place to start.