The Waiting Game – Part 2

Greetings in the mighty and awesome name of our Lord Jesus Christ! Hope you have been strength building in the last week? Time for some more! This week, we look at the waiting situation in ‘Wait for’.

The Lord is good to those who wait for Him, To the soul who seeks Him

The ‘Wait For” situation connotes an absence and/or an expectation of an arrival, a delivery, a start, a finish, etc. Waiting for God means we are expectant to see Him come to our help, hear His decision concerning a matter, waiting to see His answers to our prayers, waiting for some God activity in our lives or the lives of those we love. First, we must know that God is good to those who wait. It is a two way street, He is good to you during waiting, you trust him while waiting. (Psalm 27:13-14)

When we are in a place of waiting for God, what should our posture be? How does God desire we wait for Him? Let us look at 3 key postures:

  • Hope: A posture that says I know and expect that You will come no matter when,
  • Joy: A most challenging one but key when you are in a place of waiting for (remember that the Joy of the Lord is your strength); joy builds strength for the Wait (Psalm 27:14). Yes, it does seem rather challenging waiting with Joy for God to come, most especially in a very tight situation/trouble.
  • Faith: An assurance that His perfect will must surely come to pass, full on trust mode! This is you knowing that no matter what God activity happens, it is His ultimate will for you in Christ Jesus.

He is a good God. Ever faithful. Remember that He knows all you are going through and desires the best results for you.


Prayer for this week

Lord, I am grateful for your will at work in my life daily. I know you require that I wait for you in this situation. I hope in you Lord, my ever present help in times of trouble. I know you are coming. I receive with Joy, strength to wait for you and an assurance that You have come through for me. Amen!


Charge for this week

As we wait for God, it may tarry but please don’t give up, Hope in God, don’t be discouraged. Let His Joy excite you to building Faith in Him as you wait for His deliverance. He is coming soon!
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