Being Specific With God

Praise God for another day!  A new dawn, new promises – remember to bless God for your day-gift.  Unwrap with joy, delight at the Father’s promises for the day and be THANKFUL!!  Make declarations.  Be specific on what you want. Clarity releases faith. As you make your requests to the Father with a thankful and expectant heart, remember that God dislikes vain repetitions.

Be specific in what you desire, be honest with the Father, He will weed out the selfish and bring you to a place where your desires and His are intertwined and so all that you desire is His will for you in Christ Jesus.
An analogy I would like to use today is the Lazarus story:

Now when he had said these things, He cried with a loud voice, ‘Lazarus, come forth!

Lazarus – brother of Mary and Martha loved by Jesus, had died from an illness and was buried in the tomb.  Jesus coming four days after his death, raised Lazarus from the dead.  Now I have heard often and believe that if Jesus had just said Come Forth – every dead person in that city would have been raised – and that means every dead person – however Jesus was specific in what He asked His Father for.  He asked for Lazarus.
There are so many examples in the Bible, the Old Testament particularly shows God’s specificity in requesting for several types of offerings and sacrifices, even right to what the priests were required to wear. In relationships with Kings; God was very clear in His instructions about battle strategies and dealing with sin.
Jesus was specific too even to the donkey needed for His entry into Jerusalem. He was also specific in asking those desiring a miracle what they wanted. Remember Blind Bartimeus? – when he was brought to Jesus – I am pretty sure Jesus knew what he wanted, yet he asked him – What do you want me to do for you?

Are you specific in your requests and conversations with the Father? Do you realize that it is a self –discovering journey for you? God will most definitely remove self-limiting requests and teach you through the Holy Spirit God-lifting requests.  Today BE specific with God- it breeds an honest relationship with Him and also releases faith for a purpose filled life!


Prayer for this week

Holy Spirit teach me how to be specific with the Father, In the mighty name of Jesus Christ I pray Amen.


Charge for this week

Enter a new dimension of your relationship with the Father. Be specific in your requests and conversation. Let Him know how you feel- pain, worry, anger, depression, – your financial and emotional needs. Release faith as you speak to the Father and let Him touch your heart and lead you on the way you should go.
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