Being Bold and Deliberate through Relationship

Greetings. This week we want to share on being bold and deliberate through relationship…

"And the Lord looked upon him, and said, Go in this thy might, and thou shalt save Israel from the hand of the Midianites: have not I sent thee?"

God expects us to wake up everyday not confused but focused to achieve the decisions we made in line with His will. He wants us to be more deliberate and particular about the things we do. He wants to trust our judgements and actions in life. This deliberateness comes through boldness. When we know what we have, we will be more particular in seeing them manifest. We should not act like slaves while we are sons. Slaves beg their way through but; sons demand what’s theirs.

The strength of the enemy is in our ignorance. When we know whose and who we are, then we will not go through life looking confused and bemused but with more clarity of vision we pursue the mandates God called us into. Our knowledge is based on revelation and it comes through constant relationship with God. Gideon had a walk with God and he was able to fulfil purpose or *”his might”*. How was it possible for Noah to believe God to have built an ark even in the time when rain had not visited the earth? The answer is because of relationship. Also Abraham had a deep walk with God and he could believe God to raise Isaac from death should he kill him. Abraham did not tell anyone what God told him; not even Sarah. He kept to himself and ran along. As we walk with God, we realise that it’s not all secrets that should be let out because if we do, people will talk us out of it.

When we have a deep relationship with God then we are fully persuaded and no one can dissuade us from achieving our “Might”. Satan’s jealousy is because Christ has restored our relationship with God and: this is the only reason God created us. We should not get lost focusing on our call instead of on the caller.

In this Month of March, God is re-emphasising the need for us to match with boldness into greater territories and unknown grounds and then win. In the area of our finance, we should boldly cash in from Jesus’ bank account.


Prayer for this week

The grace to grow deeper in God To receive fresh Boldness to match into greater places and territories Taking authority over every negative force controlling some of our leaders in Nigeria and the peace of our nation


Charge for this week

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