A period of declarations and instituting decrees by the power of the Holy Spirit and by the authority of our King – Jehovah (Part 2)

This is a day of trouble, of disgrace, when it is time to birth and there is no strength to bring forth. It would be a big shame if we cannot bring forth our new nation under God in this time.

Nigeria is at its time of birthing, our Nation is in its birth pangs and it’s time to birth a new nation fully aligned with God’s agenda for its destiny. A Nation enthroned in God’s righteousness and ruled by men and women of right standing – United and Advancing, Progressive and Peaceful. This is another window that has been opened in the Spirit realm and we must take this moment- we must seize this moment! The time has come for us to enthrone God’s agenda in our Nation. See Part 1


There is a song I love singing- We are tired of the Status Quo, We want more, we are desperate people, we want more (chorus) – by Micah Stanley

DESPERATION IS A SOUND! Not about words or a song, it is a sound! Let us raise a sound of desperation in the Spirit, we want more for our Nation! A story I use to illustrate desperation is that of the King that sacrificed his only son on the city wall as the battle against Israel was being lost, the Israelites saw this act and ran off, war ended; a single act of desperation ended a winning war! Are we desperate enough for a change? What are we doing? What signals are we sending to God? God let His only Son be slain for us that we may live through Him. We have access to power, authority, we are seated with Him far above all powers, what is keeping us?

Get desperate, get speaking, use your authority, use the power in you through the Holy Spirit.

One Nation – A New Nigeria

If you follow through the definition of a Nation (show), I now understand why the Holy Spirit is insistent on using the word Nation instead of Country.

Nigeria (the Country) is actually a collection of nations, yes! Take a look at the definition; we have over 700 languages, I hear about 300 exist in the Rivers Area alone. Use that definition and we have Nations here in Nigeria (sounds simplistic, yes even foolish). Remember, God uses the foolish things.

No wonder we are having agitations all over for creation of different Nations, up North and in the South. However the great thing about our God is His word.

He says in Psalm 2 – Call unto Me and I will give thee Nations for your inheritance…. (Read the Message Translation – It is powerful… God is asking us, what do we want!) Hmm, that tells me that we can call all nations into one nation and exist under one God. God binds us together and provides the God culture through which we live daily; the God language through which we communicate, restoring our dignity and our place amongst other Nations of the world.

Do you believe?


Our Scripture: Matthew 18:18

I read the God Translation version of this and it says:

“I can guarantee you this truth: whatever you imprison, God will imprison, whatever you set free, God will set free”

The word is near, it is in our mouth, we decree in the power of our Mighty King! Our awesome God! We create and birth a new nation.

It Is Time to Declare. It Is Sealed in His Name and by His Spirit

For this, we can get a tag partner, I believe this because when two or three are gathered in my name, I am there in their midst (God’s manifest presence) – so find someone you can worship and declare and together, speak God’s word to our nation, daily (I didn’t say pray) for at least an hour.

Please add as many declarations as you want to what I have written, below. There is so much we can create. I believe the Holy Spirit will give you utterance as you speak. Remember that Worship and Praise magnifies our God! Please magnify Him as your Faith increases as you proclaim His Kingdom come on this our Great Nation.

Please Download the declarations shown below (In pdf format for ease of access) and use, share widely and declare with me, when you click here.

Remember: You can download the declarations shown above (In pdf format for ease of access) and use, share widely and declare with me, when you click here.


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