Praise be to God from whom every great blessing flows. As we get near to the end of the 2017, we should count our blessings rather than what we had hoped to achieve in 2017. For life alone, our thanksgiving should never cease. God is good. He is forever gracious and generous towards His children. Focus on your blessings and gives thanks. The Lord is working out everything for your good. KEEP THE FAITH!!

I pray God’s good hand rests on you and brings about Power to keep believing, keep speaking and remain in the center of His Will.

This week we discuss another expression of God’s power, His Mighty Arm-

He has performed mighty deeds with his arm; he has scattered those who are proud in their inmost thoughts

God’s Mighty Arm delivers, His Mighty Arm saves, His Mighty Arm works wonders. The Scriptures present us with stories about God’s people Israel being saved by God’s Mighty Arm. This is an expression of His Power over His Chosen ones. The stories always depict a situation of hopelessness, of longing for God’s intervention in a matter, a place of trouble, war etc. God’s Mighty Arm (an expression of His awesome Power as GOD) creates a cycle of what I call the three Rs in the deliverance, salvation or liberation process: Release, Restoration and Rest.

He initiates a Release from captivity, the scriptures speaks about release from a place, deliverance from a place of oppression, from a place of captivity. Then the Lord brings you into a place of Promise -this is where Restoration starts. The Lord starts to restore to you what you have lost and more. As the Lord restores, He brings you into a place of Rest. A place of Rest is a place of glory, a place of thanksgiving, a place of multiplication of what he has restored, a place of safety and a place where you are secured in the knowledge that God is for and with you.

I will take each of the Rs over the next weeks to explain further on how the Mighty Arm of God works out this cycle in our lives. We will be looking at stories in Job, Jeremiah and Isaiah. The Lord is ministering to me that we are in the season to experience the Three Rs. Let me encourage you that the Lord is near to all those who call on Him. If you are in a tough place, or tight situation, hold on, the time for release has come. We may not know the process of release but Trust in God, whose Arm is Mighty to save.


Prayer for this week

Father, I give you thanks for your loving kindness. I am thankful for your grace and great Power upon my life. To you be all the glory. Amen


Charge for this week

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