House of Prayer III- Pray always

Greetings beloved! Over the last couple of weeks, we have been looking at God’s command to us through Christ to be a house of prayer. We first looked at how our hearts should be when we pray;

learning that prayer from a sincere heart is more potent than that of a show off! God desires to build a deeper relationship with us in prayer. Prayer is the deepest form of fellowship with Him. It’s a me and God only activity! Last week we took a look at how to pray using the Lord’s prayer as a layout as the Lord Jesus taught it.

This week we look at when to pray.

‘pray constantly.

If asked when to pray? The answer is always! Prayer is like oxygen needed to survive. It’s a channel that stays on 24 hours 7 days a week. My tabletop prayer journal says today “Prayer is the power that can enable me to do any work and face any danger.”

Our Lord Jesus Christ advises that we ought to pray always without fainting because the necessity of prayer for clarity of purpose for the journey of life is key for everyday victorious living.

Prayer is not only for times of trouble, need, healing or various requests but prayer is the key form of fellowship with our heavenly Father. It’s a place where our hearts melt in worship and our voices are raised in praise to the one who created us. How many relationships really grow when all you do is ask and ask of the person without an effort to build a friendship with each other?

Prayer is intimacy with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit – The Holy Trinity. Prayer is our thoughts, our words, our songs and our whispers! Prayer is daily and always. I believe it is a continuum like Apostle Paul says we should pray constantly, never to be stopped until your last breath. It is speaking to the Love of your life and acknowledging He is always with you. Telling Him everything and letting Him tell you everything too. God never leaves us! He is always by you!

Traditionally we have been taught to take prayer as a duty to God or even as a ceremony, however God says because of the work of the Cross, you can come boldly into His presence, no frills, no drills! Come as you are!

Make prayer as critical as life is to you. Make God the most critical thing you have and see Him handle everything concerning you. He is able!


Prayer for this week

I want to go deeper with you my Father! To become the person you created me to be in the place of prayer.


Charge for this week

Luke 18:1 He also spoke a parable to them that they must always pray, and not give up, – Christ says you should stand your ground in prayer! Keep at it! Prayer works!
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