Take a BET on God (1)

Greetings Beloved of God. It’s great to be back again writing the devotionals after a period of rest. Do you know that these weekly devotionals I started writing June 2015 have been transformed into a book and a radio program? Oh yes! The Radio program “Waters for The Thirsty Soul Radio Devotional” has been on air for five seasons across Nigeria and the book “Waters For The Thirsty Soul: 52 Refreshing Truths To Deepen Your Relationship with God” is available in bookstores.It is the tenth (10th) month of the year 2019 and I know many of us would be wondering where 2019 went. Many also would become disheartened wondering if all they are praying for will come to pass. Key thoughts on our minds would be ‘will God come through?’. When all else has failed, what do we do? Can we BET on God and see what happens? Despite all that is happening in our lives this season, I am here to encourage us all to take a BET on God;

B elieve Him

E xpect Him

T hank Him

I will address these three actions over a 3-week period. Let’s start with Believe.

Believe is the act of ‘accepting something as the truth” or “consider something to be truthful”. Prayer is asking God to intervene in our lives in alignment to His will. It is you asking that His Will be done in your life daily. (Matthew 5).

22- And whatever things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive.”

Now Jesus Christ says once you pray, and you believe (accepting the Will of God as truth), you will most definitely receive that which you have prayed for. For instance, if you have been praying for Healing – know that the Will of God is for you to be healed, you believe you have been healed (accept the Word of God regarding healing as truth) and then receive your healing. However, we may still feel sick or see no immediate effect of our prayers etc, you have to keep believing that His Will is the Truth! And that His Word will surely come to pass.

Hebrews 11: 6 says “But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him”.

There are two parts to the verse above; It is easy to believe that God exists, however do we believe that HE is a rewarder of those who seek Him in prayer? When you ask, do you believe He will do it? What is your heart’s posture as you ask? Do you ask to tick it off a prayer list so when your friends ask, you would say you have prayed about it or you actually know that He would do it?

What unbelief does is cast an aspersion on God’s character, making him out to be a liar.  That’s why it is considered as sin. You must go a further step and believe in His ability to do that which you have asked for in accordance to His Will as you pray His Word. He is a good God.

Believe Him and then – Expect Him to show up! (continues next week)


Prayer for this week

Heavenly father, I believe your Word to be flawless and the truth. Help my unbelief in Jesus Name Amen.


Charge for this week

Have Faith! Keep confessing God’s word concerning your situation, remember that faith comes by hearing, hearing by the Word of God! Look up scripture related to your circumstance, record you saying these scriptures on your phone and then play it to yourself as you recite along. Do this every day and watch your faith levels rise. The Word of God is Spirit and is life.
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