Take a BET on God – EXPECT (Part 2)

Greetings beloved. Hope last’s week devotional and Charge is in practice. I believe God will come through for us. It’s not over. Don’t quit now. Keep speaking to yourself. Believe that God is a rewarder of those who seek Him. This week we move from Believe to Expect. There is a huge difference between these two actions; to believe is to know with certainly that God’s word is true and that He will do as He has said, to expect is to look out for the ‘doing” – the action of God’s word as it manifests in your life and the lives of your loved ones.

To expect is explained as “to think that something will probably or certainly happen.: to think that (someone or something) will arrive or that (something) will happen[1]

Being expectant prompts you to act on your belief. You look out for God to do, you know He will come to your aid as you wait for His help, you know He will not disappoint, as long as you are praying in accordance to His Word and His Will concerning you.

14- Now this is the confidence that we have in Him, that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. 15 And if we know that He hears us, whatever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we have asked of Him.

Our confidence depicts three things:

We ask according to His Will- The Passion Translation says “anything agreeable to His will.” We must ask aright. That is why the Word of God has been made available to us in the Bible-

  1. He hears us – We know He hears us – Belief and Faith
  2. We have what we ask of Him – our petitions, our supplication, our intercessions- this is where your expectation must kick in.

This is like when you have ordered for an item either online or by phone –maybe food or an equipment, once you have paid for it, you immediately expect that delivery to be made within the timeframe specified. Your payment makes it a contract.

For us as children of God, we are already in a covenant with Him, a contractual relationship paid for by the Blood of Jesus on our behalf, all you need do is place your order using Jesus’ name as your payment code. With God, He chooses the delivery timeframe, however our faith levels help us either shorten or lengthen that period and that means once your order, the Blood has paid (everything has been paid for in advance), you believe that the payment done is enough (no worries, no anxieties, you rest in Him), you start to expect the delivery, you start to prepare for the delivery of the answer. Your posture changes from one of belief to one of expecting.

Another example is one of a couple that have been barren for a while, they are believing that they would become pregnant one day, then this happens, they go from believing to expecting a baby. They start to prepare for the delivery, buying clothes, setting up the nursery etc. The baby is not there yet, but they expect it to come as the manifestation occurs in the physical seeing of the mother’s tummy. You see, expecting is a verb, an action word! Yes! It requires some action from you,

II Cor 6:2 says “Hear what God says: “When the time came for me to show you favor, I heard you; when the day arrived for me to save you, I helped you.” Listen! This is the hour to receive God’s favor; today is the day to be saved!”(GNT)

What have you prayed about and then set aside wondering if this would happen, today, start to expect God to show up. Everyday, show Him love by expecting His arrival, Thank Him because You know that He will come. Sometimes He comes immediately, another time, He takes you through a process of waiting to teach you patience and to grow your faith life. Do not despair, Expect Him, and as you do, Thank Him. (continues next week)


Prayer for this week

Today oh Lord, I expect good things, You are a good Father and all good things come from you. I will taste and see that You are good. Be glorified in my life today and everyday Amen.


Charge for this week

Everyday, look out for God. Many new things come daily to us through Him- His mercies- Lam3:22-23 (it’s a clean slate every morning), His benefits -Ps 68:19 (Joy, Peace, Righteousness), His continuous salvation -2 cor6:2 (Safety, Protection and Help). He is everything to us, everyday of our lives and into eternity. Take a BET on Him.
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