Take a BET on God – THANKS (Part 3)

Take a BET on God – THANKS (Part 3/3)

Greetings beloved. How has your week been? We have been studying why we should place all BETs on God;

B elieve
E xpect
T hanks

Over the last two weeks we have covered Believe and Expect. This week we look at the last word THANKS.

Giving thanks is one thing that is difficult to do when waiting especially if it is in dire circumstances. However, the word of God says we should give thanks in all things as this is His Will for us in Christ Jesus.  This is because praise and thanksgiving gives the final push your faith needs to receive what you have asked.

18 in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

Why give unadulterated thanks?

  1. God loves you
  2. He wants the best for you
  3. Praise and thanksgiving is His will – It is good, pleasing and perfect
  4. The only other place that God inhabits asides Heaven is in our praise. It brings Him right into the situation
  5. It builds your faith levels

When you believe God’s word to be truth and you expect Him to do as He has said, then you get right into crazy praise no matter how the circumstances look. One thing I have realized pertaining to giving thanks is that it changes your outlook on life- it makes you ‘count your blessings’. It improves your health and helps you realize the many times God has come through for you.

Psalm 107:15-16 says “Oh, that men would give thanks to the Lord for His goodness, And for His wonderful works to the children of men! For He has broken the gates of bronze, And cut the bars of iron in two.”(NKJV)

This text shows that God has done the deeds. It’s already ‘done’. All we have to do is BET on God. An analogy is like putting a cake mix (your prayers, petitions and any actions the Holy Spirit has asked you to take) in the oven, you expect to see the cake done and finally you enjoy eating the cake once it is out. The Word of God you have spoken must be tested by fire(heat), that’s where your belief (the right combination of the cake mix) and expectant heart (the imagined picture of the cake) comes in, praise is initiated as the cake cools down and then your miracle is in the eating of the cake.


Prayer for this week

Father I Praise you today and forever. Amen


Charge for this week

Sing a new song of praise everyday. God is Good.
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