Guarding Your Gates

Guarding Your Gates

Guarding Your Gates
2020 beckons as we wind down towards the end of 2019. Remember not to lose hope, rejoice in your God who has sustained you throughout this year. Do not lose hope, have faith in God! He is able to do exceeding abundantly more than we can ever think or imagine. He is a good Father. He never fails.
As we approach the new year, there are key things we should be mindful of to ensure we don’t self-sabotage our year. One of such is being deliberate in our words. Another is being sensitive about what we see and take in and another is being particular about what we listen to.
I have called this series “Guarding your gates”.  A gate is a passage, a gate allows things in and allows things out.
Let us start now as we prepare for 2020 and the next decade to propose to be deliberate in guarding our gates so we can experience a richer and enduring lifestyle.

First of the gates to place a particular emphasis on is the mouth.


“Set a guard, O Lord over my mouth; keep watch over the door of my lips”

James, one of the twelve disciples, in his book laid great emphasis on the tongue and its destructive capabilities (James 3:6). You can self-sabotage your destiny by saying the wrong words. Words are so powerful that God said every idle word would be judged (Matthew 12:36), He also created the world by His Words (John1). Words remain a very powerful tool for change; destructive or creative.
In the scripture text above, the psalmist is asking for God’s help in guarding the door of his mouthgate, knowing that words when spoken cannot be retrieved and can also start a chain of events that one sometimes has no control over. We as humans have the capacity to say things without minding what harm our words can create to ourselves, people or things.
In this new year, let us be mindful of what we say to ourselves, others or to situations.  Let’s not only ask God to set a guard over our mouths but to also season our words with salt. Let us be deliberate in the things we say. Let us speak life. Let us declare over our lives the things that God had purposed for us in the reminder of 2019 and in 2020. Let us make decrees unto certain things that have become a hinderance to us and institute a new order.
Let us speak healing, let us speak victory, let us speak peace. Start speaking now. Release your words into the atmosphere and claim what is yours by the very words you speak.


Prayer for this week

Heavenly father, Today I ask that you set a guard over my mouth and the door of my lips. My Father please purify my words in Jesus mighty name I pray. Amen


Charge for this week

Be slow to anger, slow to speak and quick to listen. Peace and Joy
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