Sober Reflection – Seeking God’s Will For 2021 – Part II

Praise be to God from whom all good gifts flow. He is truly an amazing God. Ever loving, ever forgiving, ever giving!! Isn’t the knowledge of that just too beautiful for words? As we still reflect on God’s agenda for 2021, let me invite you to stay in position OR get in position. It is time for an outpouring of His Spirit on all Men! God is seeking those interested in working hand in hand with Him. It’s harvest time and the Lord of the harvest is eager for workers.

"Everything in the world is about to be wrapped up, so take nothing for granted. Stay wide-awake in prayers"

To paraphrase the verse above – 2020 is about to be wrapped up, so take nothing for granted- stay awake in the Spirit- pray, fast and inquire of the Lord. I believe strongly that 2021 would be a unique year for those that stay close to the Throne Room.
Staying in position OR getting in position is critical to God’s 2021 agenda. It is important to start to prayerfully inquire of God; what do I need to stay or get into position? What excesses do I have to shed to allow a nimble movement to my placing? What should my focus be on in 2021? What should I be asking God for?

Remember David the Great King always enquired of God before a battle; it was a vital action to positioning and victory of the King. Why are you not concerned about being in the centre of God’s will? What is distracting you from this beautiful place? Remember the will of God is good, pleasing (acceptable) and perfect –Romans 12:2. We need to be in the centre of His will in 2021. It’s the best place to be. That is your POSITIONING!!!!

As we draw near to 2021, let your hearts not faint on the things that didn’t happen in 2020 rather set your gaze on Him who is able to direct your path and show you the way to go. It is important in this moment that we find time to pray, fast, quieten our Spirits and listen to what God is saying concerning 2021 and ensure we are part of His agenda. It is a time for sober reflections. It is time for positioning.


Prayer for this week

Father I desire to be in the center of your will. I believe your will is good, acceptable and perfect to me. I want to position myself rightly to receive the outpouring of your Spirit. Amen.


Charge for this week

Continue on your praying, fasting and seeking God on His agenda for 2021 and asking to be part of it.
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