Wisdom Problem

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s devotional. I hope you have all been blessed with the previous series “It’s All For My Good” as I had been.
Our topic today is “Wisdom Problem” and it is brought to you by our guest writer Bunmi Afolabi. I pray you gain the wisdom from above even as you read.

Wisdom is the principal thing; Therefore get wisdom. And in all your getting, get understanding

When it is recorded in the Bible that “wisdom is the principal thing”, let’s ask ourselves what the word “principal” actually means… Principal is first in order of importance or main.

It is safe to say that wisdom is the most important virtue on earth and you would find that every problem on earth has its final root cause in wisdom; hence every problem is a wisdom problem. For example, a couple that hardly gets along, trace it to the root; one person does not want to compromise for the other and this is a wisdom problem.

Wisdom can be acquired by observation, by reading books, by travelling, by being mentored. All of these sources of wisdom are fantastic, but the Bible is still the greatest and most reliable source of wisdom for it is the mind of God about any situation or circumstance and it is never obsolete.


Prayer for this week

Father in the name of Jesus, give me the grace to consistently study your word and please you. Amen.


Charge for this week

My charge to you today is to never allow any day pass by without you studying or listening to the word of God and also make it a point of duty to do what it says.
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