Unity Of The Faith

The greatest instruction God gave us was to love our fellow humans. And that instruction cannot be overlooked because everything in God’s kingdom has their roots in the concept of love. WE access God’s grace and promises by faith and faith functions by love. Therefore in this week’s devotional we look at THE UNITY OF FAITH.

till we all come to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God, to a perfect man, to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ;

One of the daunting questions in the heart of Jesus Christ before He left was that when He returns, “would He meet faith?


As followers of Christ; how do WE treat one another? How do We behave when WE see each other? How do we react when something happens that has to do with another Brother or Sister? Are WE divided across denominational or belief lines? Have we easily forgotten that our overall focus should be Jesus and what He died for? If We are not able to get along, how do we intend to bring those who are not yet in our fold together?


When Jesus promised the Apostles after His resurrection that He was going to send the Holy Spirit, He needed them to be together in unity or in one-accord before the Holy Spirit could come down. The Bible also makes us understand that when Brethren gather together in unity, that is when oil (which typifies the anointing) would flow from the Priest/Clergy (the Bible used Aaron in this case) to His beard, tunic and then to the people. And if the anointing is missing in a gathering of children of God, then it has become a mere social gathering.


The popular story of the Good Samaritan, has it that after the man who was travelling got injured, various people passed and did not stop to help, from the Priest to the Levite, until The Samaritan came through to show love and tend to the wounded Man. The totality of our Christian walk is irrelevant if love is missing. And love is the element that can propel us to unity.


Apostle Paul talks about the fact that He wants to be all things to all Men so that He may win some. As Followers and Lovers of Christ, let’s all come to the unity of the faith, ignore our seeming differences and let Jesus be at the center of everything WE do in His name.


Prayer for this week

Father in the name of Jesus, touch the hearts of your people and cause us all to operate in the unity of the faith that Jesus made available to us.


Charge for this week

My charge to you today is to make it a point of duty to operate in the love of Jesus to everyone you meet, because true love conquers all. Especially as it has to do with people in the faith.
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