The Fullness Of Time – Part 1

New Year’s greetings I am so excited at this time (not just because it is 2022) because I have a feeling in my spirit that this is the appointed time. You might wonder, when is the right time to do what? And I will say this – you fill in the blanks. Remember, at the end of year 2021, the messages were all about “being at the center of God’s will” and “starting/continuing your journey of purpose” and most importantly, “making Jesus the center of your life.”

Over the Christmas holidays, as I reflected on each month in 2022 and thanked God for His steadfastness, His unfailing love, His unchanging nature, and His faithfulness towards me, the Holy Spirit reminded me of prophetic words spoken, prayers said, declarations made, dreams had, visions seen, hopes and desires, each one I had clung to believing in the performance of His word. He also showed me my restlessness and careful consideration of a “possible non-performance” (with a reason – perhaps it is not His will). Yes, many of us are there! The merciful and most gracious God we serve then gave me this word, which is my utmost desire and prayer that you catch this revelation.

Shall I bring to the moment of birth and not cause to bring forth says the Lord. Shall I Who causes to bring forth shut the womb? says your God.

Has God spoken things to you and you are left wondering how can this be? Let’s look at the birth of John the Baptist. When his birth was announced to his father, it seemed far-fetched so much that Zechariah asked for a sign in disbelief. However, let’s see the words of Angel Gabriel as he spoke of the birth in Luke 1:13. Do not be afraid for your prayer is heard (paraphrased). From my study bible, the word heard as used in Greek language implied that it (the need) was no longer prayed for because they (Zechariah and Elizabeth) were getting old. However, when it was time for the prophecy to come to pass for the one before the Lord Christ, God chose this household! In the fullness of time, John was born.


God’s words are potent, full of life and power. Whether He has spoken to you or through another, His Word is out there and He will do all that He has said. Nevertheless, we must ensure our understanding works with his timing. I believe deep in my spirit that for us this year, there will be a fullness of time for prophesies, dreams, purposes, visions, etc; there will be a moment of birth and a safe delivery of all things spoken by God and His prophets over His people. The vision is for an appointed time. What is your stance on the Spirit? Are you excited?


If you are still counting the losses from 2021, this message is for you. Re-align yourself with what God is saying about you and your purpose. Remind yourself of what He has said about you, take in His Word, and become pregnant with anticipation; the time of birth is near.Over the next few weeks, I’ll elaborate on how we can change our stance in 2022.


Prayer for this week

God enlighten my Spirit Man. I need a revelation of the birthing of your word today in my life. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen!


Charge for this week

Get Pregnant with a desire for God’s purpose. Feed the pregnancy with the daily Word diet, make sure you take your Faith vitamins, drink from the springs of praise and worship and remember to always check in day and night with the Doctor, Jesus Christ.
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