Finding Our Way Back To The Ancient Paths- SPIRITUALITY

Beloved, “Be still and know that I am God. I will be exalted in all the nations”. This is God’s word to you today. So many things are being peddled in the name of truths and conspiracies, however let’s stand together on this one truth; HE IS GOD!!! He holds our lives in His hands. Be still, receive His peace and exalt Him. We end our series on “Finding the Ancient Paths” this week looking at the Path of Spirituality.

Finding Our Way Back To The Ancient Paths: Sacrifice

As we continue to tarry at home whilst this plague blows over, while we continue to pray for all the people in the front lines of this war and for many others who have lost their loved ones to this terrible virus, what are we doing with the time now given to us?

Finding Our Way Back To The Ancient Paths: SUFFERING

Beloved, how has the week been? As we currently face unexpected and tough times in this season, I know it can be a strain – emotionally and mentally. Do try and find an ‘anchor’ to help you through these times. It could be music, a verse, a poem, prayer, videos of your travels, reading a book, etc. Find something that makes you happy and relaxed, especially if and when you feel any anxiety about the future.

Finding Our Way back to the Ancient Paths: SERVICE

Greetings Beloved! Despite the storm the world is currently facing, remember this; our Lord Jesus has promised He would never leave us nor forsake us. This is the time to keep reminding yourself of this word and hold on to it.


Beloved, how are you doing?
Take time to answer truthfully and then ask the Holy Spirit to reveal anything that can help you feel better.
Last month, we touched on the topic of love, and I hope that you are allowing the Holy Spirit to fill your heart with God’s love, so you can be a vessel of love to this world of ours.