Money Cannot Buy Love And It Is A Good Thing in 2022

February 2022 just like every other is known as the month of love, and February 14th is celebrated as Saint Valentine’s Day.
Over time, the word “love” has become a tool of deception rather than what God intended it to be.
True love comes from God, and His Spirit teaches us how to love and accept one another.

The Fullness Of Time – Part 3 (Stick To The Name)

Greetings!! What a magnificent God we serve! His mercies are new every morning!
It’s a great day to be alive. Let no stone be praised in your place. Give God resounding praise today. He is worthy! As we continue our study of the different stances to have in the Spirit in preparation for the fullness of time concerning God’s spoken word in our lives, we look at sticking to the name He has given you (tenacity on what He has said).

The Waiting Game – Part 2

Greetings in the beautiful name of our Lord Jesus! Don’t ever forget that there is a timeline for every challenge you face. Hope you have been strength-building in the last week? Time for some more! This week, we look at the waiting situation in ‘Wait for’.

The Waiting Game – Part 1

Greetings beloved!
The joy of the Lord is your strength! Furthermore, this week’s devotional provides you with more ways to strengthen your faith in Christ.
This week and next we would be focusing on ‘The Waiting Game.’ Over time, I discovered two waiting situations with God – Wait on and Wait for.

God’s Complete Work

On this platform, WE have talked about the fact that one needs to go through a process in order to be fully-fitted and equipped for what God has created us for. Per time, you must understand that you are on God’s timetable and God is the greatest planner there is and will ever be.

The Hand Of The Lord Is Upon You

Discovering the various expressions of God. I have been studying the various expressions of power by God to achieve His ultimate purpose.
I have settled on the Hand of God today to share with you what happens when the Good Hand of the Lord comes upon us. I am using three quick examples of persons that have experienced this outpour of Power from God.

Finding Our Way back to the Ancient Paths: SERVICE

Greetings Beloved! Despite the storm the world is currently facing, remember this; our Lord Jesus has promised He would never leave us nor forsake us. This is the time to keep reminding yourself of this word and hold on to it.

The House Of Mourning

As we wake up in the arms of our loved ones and in our warm homes, there are many today in the Northern part of Nigeria who will be unable to feel these little pleasures of life this morning and for many other mornings.

Our Weapons of Warfare – Spoken Word

Are you staying in a place of Worship and showing love to all? Remember in this season, the Lord wants us to focus on using these weapons of warfare to keep moving forward.