Fast and Furious – III

Greetings brothers and sisters! Hope you are marching forward this year, do not let anything deter you. Have faith in God. He will never leave or forsake you. Remember nothing can ever separate you from His love. Selah!!

This week I continue on the Fast and Furious series.

Last week, we looked at praying during a fast and the simplest forms of getting your prayer on during a fast especially as a busy person. Remember that if you don’t pray as you fast, you are just practically starving yourself of food. Prayer is a very vital part of the fast. This week I will conclude with the corporate fast and why you should fast.


"The kind of fasting I want is this: Remove the chains of oppression and the yoke of injustice and let the oppressed go free. "

A corporate fast is essential for the growth of the Church, or could be specific to the Nation or anything else the Holy Spirit instructs the Head Pastor and the Pastoral team on. I believe that once a corporate fast is led by the Holy Spirit and not by an ‘observance’, that the results would be very clear for all to see and get committed to this yearly fast. Most people get discouraged when a corporate fast didn’t seem to have ‘worked’ for them.

It is key to have an understanding of why the fast has been called and follow through with the prayer points and most of all – FAITH!!!

On whether we should fast- I have this to say – Yes – it is essential for your growth and your faith life. Please read more here. However, if you do have a medical condition that requires that you don’t fast, please understand that you can stay off an activity you love in honor to God on a fast, praying is very very important, so get in there and get your prayer on.

This year, let the Spirit guide us on individual fasts that are meaningful to God. I believe we will continue to deepen our relationship with God as we wait on Him.


Prayer for this week

My God and Father, I seek a deeper relationship with you through Prayer. Amen


Charge for this week

Study Isaiah 58, make notes of what the prophet is speaking about concerning the fast. Reflect and soul search. Cultivate a lifestyle of fasting and praying – let the Holy Spirit teach you this, it’s vital to your growth as a believer.
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  1. Glory to Jesus Christ our King, this is phenomenally explained including all steps faith as we fast. Thank you for sharing ma.
    I love and celebrate you.

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