Living Your God-Story (Trusting God When it Doesn’t Make Sense)

Greetings and it is great to be here. It is the last day of the year 2020 so imagine waking up tomorrow and it’s a new day and a new year.
Today we are looking at living our God-story for the year 2021. Yes, we all have a God-Story. Not a his-story or a her-story; a God story (defined as God’s intervention and redefinition of our lives). The question is “are you living your God Story?

Sober Reflection – Seeking God’s Will For 2021 – Part II

Praise be to God from whom all good gifts flow. He is truly an amazing God. Ever loving, ever forgiving, ever giving!! Isn’t the knowledge of that just too beautiful for words? As we still reflect on God’s agenda for 2021, let me invite you to stay in position OR get in position. It is time for an outpouring of His Spirit on all Men! God is seeking those interested in working hand in hand with Him. It’s harvest time and the Lord of the harvest is eager for workers.