Beloved, how are you doing?
Take time to answer truthfully and then ask the Holy Spirit to reveal anything that can help you feel better.
Last month, we touched on the topic of love, and I hope that you are allowing the Holy Spirit to fill your heart with God’s love, so you can be a vessel of love to this world of ours.

Love & Charity

Still in the month of love – February, it’s a new season, It’s a new day- a fresh anointing is coming your way, it’s a new season, it’s a new day- coming your way!! Alleluia! Step into this newness as you remain in position for God’s word to perform. I am so excited to write about Love and Charity (giving) because this is the true nature of our Heavenly Father. “For God so loved the world that he gave His only Son.”

Four Ways To Love God

Over the last couple of weeks, we looked at “Why you can’t love others” and “Money can not buy love”. Hold on! This week we look at four ways to love God. Yes it is the month of love – let us shower our affections on God.

Money Cannot Buy Love And It Is A Good Thing

February is always called the month of love and marks the 14th as Saint Valentine’s Day.
Over the years, the word love has been loosely used and has become a tool of deception rather than what God had originated it to be. True Love comes from God and He teaches us by His Spirit how to love and accept each other.

Why You Can’t Love Others

How many of us know the origin of St. Valentine’s day? Go and do some research on it as it may teach us some selfless love. Later this month, we will be looking at four ways to love God but also remember that Jesus Christ shrunk the commandments to two main ones. This month as we celebrate the month of love, we look at the second commandment.

Wisdom Problem

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s devotional. I hope you have all been blessed with the previous series “It’s All For My Good” as I had been.
Our topic today is “Wisdom Problem” and it is brought to you by our guest writer Bunmi Afolabi. I pray you gain the wisdom from above even as you read.

Its All For My Good Pt. 3

Greetings dear readers and welcome to this week’s devotional. Today’s topic is the concluding part of our three – part series “IT’S ALL FOR MY GOOD”. If you have missed any of the previous episodes please visit our website to catch up

It’s All For My Good Pt2

Welcome to today’s devotional and as you read the blessing of God will manifest in a greater dimension in your live today in Jesus name. Today’s devotional is titled “ITS ALL FOR MY GOOD PART 2” This is the second part of a three-part series.


Greetings and welcome to Waters for the Thirsty Soul. It is my pleasure and honour to welcome you to this brand new Year. As this is the first devotional of the year, I say categorically that for the singular fact that you reading this, something new, unprecedented and beautiful will happen for you before the end of the week in Jesus name.

Living Your God-Story (Trusting God When it Doesn’t Make Sense)

Greetings and it is great to be here. It is the last day of the year 2020 so imagine waking up tomorrow and it’s a new day and a new year.
Today we are looking at living our God-story for the year 2021. Yes, we all have a God-Story. Not a his-story or a her-story; a God story (defined as God’s intervention and redefinition of our lives). The question is “are you living your God Story?